GraphQL Basics Workshop
Amsterdam, Netherlands
20 February, 2020
The workshop is organized in collaboration with Frontend Developer Love.
You can get discounted combo tickets for the workshop and the conference.
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Included topics
A general overview of what's going to be included in the workshop
We'll learn everything about the GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations. During the first half of the workshop, we'll explain the basics of GraphQL, the anatomy of a GraphQL schema, how resolvers work, and we’re gonna build a GraphQL server.
We’ll connect our GraphQL server to a React application with Apollo Client. We’ll break down the modular architecture of the client and teach you how to set everything up and use queries and mutations. We’ll show two different approaches for working with Apollo: Render Props and hooks.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a laptop?


What are the prerequisites for this workshop?
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, and most of the new ES6 features
  • Good understanding of React and most of its concepts.
  • The Render Props pattern in React will be explained, but it’s great if you already know it.
Do I need a local setup?

Yes. You need the following tools and libraries on your machine:

  • Node >= 6.
  • create-react-app (installed globally with npm install create-react-app -g)
  • An editor of your choice. VS Code is free and it has everything that you need out of the box.

Hint: You can use nvm, nvm-windows, or n to easily switch Node versions on your machine.

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