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GraphQL Basics
🇳🇱Amsterdam, Netherlands
20 February, 2020
React Advanced
🇧🇪Brussels, Belgium
02 March, 2020
GraphQL Basics
🇳🇱Amsterdam, Netherlands
15 April, 2020
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React may be just a simple UI library, but it involves a pretty big ecosystem around it. Explaining the basics and internals is not enough, so in this module we're going to explain the best practices, we're going to learn to "think in React", and apply solutions to real problems that you might encounter in the process of building an app.
  • Fundamental concepts
  • Virtual DOM
  • Stateless components
  • JSX
  • Props
  • Stateful components
  • State management
  • Events
  • Lifecycle methods
“React is such a good idea that we will spend the rest of the decade continuing to explore its implications and applications” - @rauchg
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